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Integrate Power Automate with

Open up a world of possible automations

Example monday automations:

  • When a Microsoft Form is submitted, create an item in
  • Add created items in to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Trigger an email sending flow from a item
  • Automatically schedule an event or appointment from a item
  • When you receive a specific type of email in Outlook, create an item in
  • When a work item is created in Azure DevOps, create a item
    ... and many more!

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Add to

Available Actions

  • Create item
  • Create board
  • Create column
  • Create group
  • Create notification
  • Create sub-item
  • Create update
  • Create workspace
  • Get tags
  • Get users
  • Get items

Available Triggers

  • When a column changes
  • When a new update is posted
  • When a sub-item is created
  • When a sub-item's name changes
  • When an item is created
  • When an item's name changes
  • When any column changes
  • When any sub-item column changes