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Creating an Action

In this guide, we will create a monday action, which will be executed manually from inside Power Automate.

Create a new Power Automate flow using the connector

To get started, we will create a new Power Automate flow based on trigger. We'll authenticate the connector with Finally, we'll use the output of the trigger in a Power Automate action.

1. In Power Automate, click on "My flows" in the left sidebar

My flows button

2. Click the "New flow" button

New flow button

3. Select "Instant cloud flow"

Instant cloud flow button

4. Add a name for your flow. Then click the "Manually trigger a flow" trigger, which will allow us to manually trigger a flow from within Power Automate. Finally, click the "Create" button.

Manually trigger a flow

5. Click the New Step button and search for "monday" in the search box. Scroll down and click the "Create an item" action.

Search for monday action

6. Fill in the workspace, board, group, and item name. If desired, fill in the other item columns as well. Make sure you format the data correctly, otherwise the item will not be created correctly. Use the placeholder text for each field to determine what format each column should be in.

Create an item action

7. Click the save button.

Save button

8. Click the back button in the top left of the window.

Back button

9. Click the "Run" button to run the flow.

Run button

10. Click the "Continue" button to continue with running the flow.

Run flow continue button

11. Click the "Run flow" button to start the flow.

Run flow button

12. The flow should have completed successfully.

Run flow complete

13. You should see the item has been sucessfully created in monday.

Monday creation complete