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Determining App Usage

If you would like to better understand the number of executions that have occurred for your actions/triggers, the Power Automate App Usage view in is a great way to do this. It shows a breakdown of how many executions each action/trigger is making on a monthly basis.

1. In Monday, go to one of your boards. Then click the plus button to add a new view to your board.

Add view to board

2. Click the "Apps" navigation item to create a new view from the Apps marketplace

Apps nav item

3. Click on Installed Apps category on the sidebar and then click the "Open in board" button for the Power Automate App Usage app.

Navigate to installed apps to find Power Automate App Usage

4. The Power Automate App Usage view will now open up, showing your app usage on a monthly basis, including a breakdown of each action/trigger type.

Create automated flow