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Filtering Items

Note: The ability to filter items will be available with Version 3 of the connector. This connector version is scheduled to be available February or March 2024.

Filtering items in "Get items" action

If you don't want to fetch all items from a board, you can retrieve only a subset of items using filters.

Follow these steps to add one or more filters to the "Get items" action:

  1. In the "Get items" action, select your workspace, board, and group.

  2. Click the "Show advanced options" link at the bottom of the "Get items" action. This will open up the advanced options, which includes the filter fields. Up to four filters are available to use.

    Advanced options
  3. For each filter, select the column you want to filter on, the operator, and the value. The value can be a static value or dynamic content from a previous action. For example, you can filter on the "Status" column, where the value is "Done". If you no longer want to filter on a specific column, you can clear it out or select * No Filter * from the dropdown.

Each filter is added as an "AND" condition. For example, if you have two filters, one for the "Status" column and one for the "Person" column, then only items that match both filters will be returned.

Advanced options

Specifying multiple values for a filter

If you want to specify multiple values for a filter, you can do so by separating the values with a comma. For example, if you want to filter on the "Status" column, with the operator "Any of", where the value is "Done" or "In Progress", you can specify the value as: Done, In Progress.

Advanced options

Examples of operators that can take multiple values are "Any of" and "Not any of".