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Getting Started

Follow this guide to integrate Power Automate with In this guide, we create a new Power Automate flow using the "When an item is created" monday trigger, then save the item name to an Excel spreadsheet.

Create a new Power Automate flow using the connector

To get started, we will create a new Power Automate flow based on trigger. We'll authenticate the connector with Finally, we'll use the output of the trigger in a Power Automate action.

1. In Power Automate, click on "My flows" in the left sidebar

My flows button

2. Click the "New flow" button

New flow button

3. Select "Automated cloud flow"

Automated cloud flow button
Create automated flow

5. Select the trigger "When an item is created", then click the "Create" button.

Select When an item is created

6. Click the "Sign in" button to authenticate Power Automate with

Sign in

7. If you haven't already added the Microsoft Power Automate app from the marketplace, you can do so by clicking the "Add app to monday" button. Once you've added the app to your monday account, click the "Authorize App" button.

Sign in page

8. Scroll down and click the "Authorize" button. This allows Power Automate to access and create data in


9. Select your workspace and board. When an item is created on this board, it will run the trigger.

Select workspace and board

10. Add whichever steps you would like to execute when the trigger is triggered, using the data from your trigger.

For example, here we've selected Excel's "Add a row into a table" action to add the item's data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Click inside the Name field, which will then automatically open the "Dynamic content" window. In this window, you can select the fields that are returned by the trigger. In this case, we're selecting the Item Name field.

Note: Other monday triggers, such as the "When a column changes" trigger, contain a lot more dynamic content (such as the columns for the item).

Select a Power Automate field

11. Finally, save the flow by clicking the Save button.

When you create an item in, it will now execute your Power Automate flow.

Excel action example